Gene Pitney Showreel

Michael Sings Gene Pitney

Michael Sings Gene Pitney is a show with a difference.

In venues able to accommodate, the show uses a 150 inch projector screen, while Michael takes to the floor as Gene Pitney.

We feel we have selected some of the best and very well-known songs between the years of 1961 to 1974.

You will enjoy songs such as "24 hours from Tulsa", "It hurts to be in love", "Backstage", "Looking through the eyes of love" and many more.

The "24 hours from Tulsa" backing track is the exact same one that Gene Pitney himself used during his television performances.

Be surprised as Michael Himself Shoots Liberty Valence in the song "The man who shot liberty valance"!

See clips and hear Gene Pitney himself during the show on the projector screen.

Please remember the full screen show can only be performed in large venues that can accommodate the projection screen. Otherwise, we can do a full costume show with no screen for smaller venues.

Venue Poster

If you've booked Mike and require a poster to promote the event, then please feel free to download and print off the following, for display at your venue: